Bourton Vale Gardening Club

“A garden is a friend you can visit anytime”

Another month closer to the 131st Annual Village Show and we are still hoping to host this very special village event on August 29th. The Browser kindly agreed to publish the whole schedule online this year, and you will see lots of categories for anyone to take part in. Hopefully you will find one, which inspires you to have a go at entering or maybe, something different to try at home, during these uncertain times.

There are horticultural categories of course – vegetables, fruit, flowers, flower arranging, but also, crafts, baking, cookery, photography, art, sewing, knitting, patchwork, crochet and lots more, including a couple of light hearted ones – the vegetable creature is a good one to enter for anyone not so focused on how perfect their veg is. Plus the children’s section with lots of categories too.

Gardens and garden wildlife have been so important this year, helping to keep us occupied and absorbed. Last year the Wildlife Trusts, Branching Out Children’s group, made bird boxes, which were sold at our November monthly meeting, we were delighted when members reported that blue tits were nesting in their handmade bird boxes this spring. A huge thank you to all of the children that worked on the boxes, who have made quite a few people and birds very happy.

Blue tits lay between 8-12 eggs and after they hatch, the adults need to collect around 1000 tiny caterpillars and insects every single day, to feed their young. The babies cannot digest bird food at such an early stage, so it’s vital for the parents to be able to collect these insects.

By being mindful at this time of year, avoiding chemicals and allowing hedges and shrubs to thicken up and grow taller you will be helping protect our birds with places to shelter from predators and to forage. Providing a small dish of water, topped up every day or a small pond, really helps too. And by letting nature care for your garden rather than be over tidy you could also be rewarded with nesting blue tits, which bring so much joy to a garden.

Take care of yourselves and others too, stay safe. We hope you keep gardening and enjoying your garden wildlife.

Julie Huckle