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Coronavirus Virus and the Browser (updated 29th June 2020).  The Bourton Browser is now back to normal production and delivery.

The Browser Team

The Bourton Browser is a  free monthly magazine run entirely by volunteers and delivered  to every household in the villages of Bourton-on-the-Water and Clapton-on-the-Hill, in Gloucestershire, England.

The Team

The Browser Team currently consists of Ray and Susan Dodd, Rob and Christine Gorton, Myra Ford and David and Mary Tebbutt.  In addition there are over 40 street deliverers and two proof readers who all play vital roles in the production and dispatch of the Browser.

Production Roles

Susan is the Editor and Christine is Sub Editor with responsibility for the Church Page and  Younger Generation Pages.

Ray is the Advertising Manager and Rob is the Finance Manager.  Commercial advertising space is much sought after and we often have a waiting list, for full details of placing an advert with us see the Advertising Page.  We are very grateful to all our regular advertisers for their on-going support. This is our only source of revenue and it makes the Browser viable.  The finances are healthy and any profits are used to either enhance the Browser or are donated to village organisations or projects.  If your Bourton based group or project is looking for some funding contact us as we maybe able to help you.

Distribution Roles

Bulk distribution of the Browser is divided into North and South Village areas. Myra is the Northern Bulk Distributor and David and Mary are the Southern ones. Rob and Christine act as Distribution Managers so the village has a central contact point. We are very lucky with our delightful printers Peter and Camilla Dunford, and would highly recommend them for their prompt, efficient and friendly service. We are fortunate that new street deliverers regularly take over from any retiring ones and as a whole team we work very well together.

The Website

We believe our new website will encourage involvement from the younger generation. It will also increase our readership outside of the distribution area, particularly in villages like the Rissingtons and Slaughters whose residents regularly use Bourton’s facilities. Other advantages are the options it gives us for longer and / or extra articles, more photographs and the use of colour.


We still adhere to the original concept of the Browser. Everyone involved, (apart from the printers), are volunteers and give their time and energies freely to ensure the Village receives this much loved magazine, packed full of local news and information, with a limited number of adverts .

Volunteers always welcome

We are always interested to hear from anyone with ideas or offers of help to make the Browser even better.  We keep a list of relief street deliverers to cover holidays and sickness, if you could help out do get in touch. Contact us via the “Getting in Touch” page.

The Bourton Browser Team

A Potted History of the Browser

The idea for the Bourton Browser was conceived by Derek and Mollie Wise in 1999. Their concept was a magazine run entirely by volunteers and delivered free to every property within the Parish borders.  The original team of volunteers comprised the Wises and Lynn Dartnel, (the first Editor). They recruited a team of volunteer street deliverers, found advertisers and sourced a printer. The name “Bourton Browser” was coined by David Bond, the then postmaster, and the logo was designed by Ron Bray, a local artist. Remarkably all this work took place in just 15 days!

It is a tribute to all concerned that the Browser is still going strong today. Of course there have been many changes over the years. Street deliverers, too numerous to name, have come and gone, although we must mention Brian Heywood, Gladys Oakey, Russ Girdler, Joyce Walsh, Betty Phelps, and Joan Minchin who have been with the magazine since the start.  That has been 20 years of delivering the Browser! We would also like to say a big thank you to Ruth Fell who was a deliverer for 17 years and Les Grant who was a deliverer for 19 years.

Lynn Dartnel handed on the Editor’s role to Jane Davis in 2003 and in the same year Ray and Susan Dodd joined the team as Bulk Distributors. In 2013 Jane retired and Ray and Susan became the magazine’s third Editors. Rob and Christine Gorton joined the team at that point, taking on the Bulk Distribution job.  Mollie and Derek retired at the end of 2016 since then the latest team have run the Browser.