A new youth orientated group launches in September.
Aimed at 11-18 year olds, the new Bourton Youth theatre Aims to give teens the chance to express themselves in a fun and educational way.
We will provide a safe and welcoming space for all youths to cultivate and develop a love for drama and theatre. Designed to build confidence and long-lasting friendships with one-to-one tuition to ensure that each child’s needs are addressed.
We are an inclusive group and welcome all levels of experience and abilities, performance will be included but optional for each child in term of participation, also offering aspects of backstage and technical work for those less confident in performance.
The group’s founder Kate-Marie studied Drama at the Cotswold school to an A-level standard and ran the drama club there as well as co-directing the Upper-School musical of “Into the Woods”.  Through doing this a true passion was developed for giving all youths an opportunity to discover themselves through drama and build confidence to prepare them for later life.
We are supported by the Drama department of the Cotswold School and have full insurance, first aid training and DBS checks.

Meeting at the George Moore Community Centre Sundays 6-8pm, please get in contact to ensure a place and to get further details:

Facebook: Bourton Youth Theatre.

In the words of Drama Practitioner Augusto Boal:
“We all must do theatre to find out who we are and to discover who we could become”