Bourton-on-the-water is an exquisitely beautiful village and the enormous Christmas tree displayed in the river must surely be one of the loveliest Christmas displays in the country, especially when we are treated to a magical dusting of snow which we have been lucky enough to enjoy several times in the last few years. This year I decided to commission local artist Hannah Shaw to create a family Christmas card featuring the village Christmas and we are all rather pleased with the result. As such I asked Hannah whether she could create some general Christmas cards for the village so that we can sell them to raise funds for local causes and charities. Some of these cards feature typical Christmas scenes and other feature the characters that make up the town and country life in Bourton-on-the-water. These will include choirs singing and children playing on the green, ducks, spotty horses, wildlife, and vintage cars etc. If we have missed any obvious local characters please let me know.

The cards will be printed in A5 with red envelopes. As well as using a Cotswold artist to design these cards, we will be using a small family printers in Stroud to print them. The cards will cost approximately £1 to print and we hope to retail them at £2 each with all profits going to charity. My husband and I are paying for the artwork personally so the only thing we hope to recoup is the cost of the printing. We will however donate the first 150 cards to any local fundraising organisations who would like to sell them (the 150 free cards will be allocated between whoever has asked for them by the end of next week). The cards will be ready for collection from about 1 December 2018.
We need to print the cards in runs of 100 so we are initially releasing the 100 wildlife cars and and 100 snow scenes Christmas cards as shown below. All of the birds and animals on the wildlife Christmas cards have been seen on Marshmouth Lane this November.  I have such fond memories of playing in snow in the village as a child so I really wanted to do a village snow scene so I really wanted to launch a card encapsulating that enormous sense of fun.
I am therefore looking for the following:
– anyone who would personally like to buy the cards at £2 each,
– anyone who might like to help sell the cards,
– any local fundraising organisation who would like to sell the cards on behalf of their charities; and
– any local retailers who might be interested in stocking the cards.
If you have any interest in any of the above please contact me at
Hannah Shaw won the Waterstone’s prize for her illustrations in The Hamster Massacre series, Cambridgeshire children’s book award for her first picture book and her stories have been long and shortlisted for many other awards. Her illustrations in The Disgusting Sandwich were selected for Booktrust Scotland’s Book bag scheme and for the Duchess’s Bookshelves list. When she is not doodling in her studio or running school workshops, she likes to grow inedible marrows on her allotment. She studied at the University of Brighton and now lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire with her husband, smelly dog and two young children who steal her favourite drawing pens but provide great inspiration.