IT Schools Africa –  Community IT Outreach Programme

Increasing access to IT services and skills locally 

Who are we?  IT Schools Africa is an international charity operating across four countries with a common vision to transform lives through access to e-Learning. We help to provide quality education in Africa through the reuse of donated computers to schools as well as supporting a wide range of community work-based initiatives in the UK. We collect and refurbish computer equipment in the UK which is distributed to schools via our partner charities in Africa. Our aim is to reduce the digital divide between nations by providing children in Africa with the chance to gain an education in IT.  IT Schools Africa, since 2004, has distributed over 50,000 computers, completed 20  e–Learning labs, trained over 750 teachers in IT and have given access to IT to 3 million students in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What are we doing locally?  Based in Cheltenham, we work with back-to-work training agencies and other charities including the Job Centre, Prospect and The Prince’s Trust to support and train people currently out of work. This helps volunteers to develop their employment prospects by improving their IT, communication and workplace skills. We also work actively with many local schools and colleges teaching computer refurbishment and IT skills to the schoolchildren, as well as to students with special needs through work experience placements.  Another important part of our work in the UK is with HM Prison Service. We have set up programmes in a number of UK prisons where we provide prisoners with the opportunity to learn new and practical IT skills so that they can give back to society and reduce their risk of reoffending.

How can we help you?  Our Gloucestershire IT Community Outreach Project is focussing on making a difference locally.   We would like to support community organisations and charities by donating good quality / refurbished desktop computers.  A project could be a new install or an upgrade to existing equipment.  Typical projects could be 5-15 desktop computers but this will depend on individual project needs.  The specifications of the computers could vary slightly depending on stock and availability but will all be in good condition and fully tested.  IT Schools can offer a  variety of levels of technical support  depending on own in house skills

Please complete the form (which can be found on the Bourton Browser website with as much detail of the proposed project and email to