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New Coach for Bourton Tennis Club

Last month we said goodbye to our coach James Hilltout. James has been with Bourton Vale Lawn Tennis Club for some 30 years and we are all indebted to him for the great service he has given the Club. We wish him well in his future endeavours overseas!

We are very pleased to report we now have a new coach. Kingsley Harris is an LTA-accredited Level 4 Performance and Club Coach with many years’ experience as head coach at large and medium-sized clubs and as an LTA county and regional coach. As such, we are very happy to appoint someone of Kingsley’s exceptional calibre.

Kingsley will be picking up where James left off with the autumn term of the Junior Programme beginning in September. Kingsley will of course be offering coaching to adults too, so if you, or your children, are interested in taking tennis lessons please contact Kingsley direct on 07879 644218 or visit our website at for more details.

See you on court!

Alex Peyton

Kingsley Harris

Volunteers Needed for the Scouts

As a result of Lynn and Scott Dartnell, who were the Scout leaders of the 1st Bourton on the Water Scout group leaving, this has led to the scout section and the explorer section closing.

However, Nick Hawke the cub leader of 1st Bourton on the Water  who runs a very successful section, would very much like to hear from you to see if you would be willing to help the Cub section of the group, with a view to re-establishing the scout and explorer sections in the future.

Similarly we need some committee members who are prepared  to help occasionally with general support of the group.   

If you think you could help in contributing to the young people of the area, please respond to our secretary as indicated on the poster, or Nick Hawke, myself or the DC Team.

Nick Hawke

Ricky Campbell


Yours in Scouting

Ricky Campbell

Deputy District Commissioner/TA 

North Cotswold District Scouts

(H) 01451 810977 (M) 07973 193787
Fun, Challenge and Adventure for nearly 1000 Young People and Adult Volunteers in the Cotswolds 
District Chairman  Neil Musgrave  | County Commissioner Mark Spiller – District Commissioners Team – Paul Gowen –Josh Foye –Ricky CampbellFounder Robert Baden-Powell OM | Chief Scout Lt Cdr (Hon) Bear Grylls RN Registered Charity No. 303547

Have a Restful Summer

As this challenging school year closes, I am proud of what students and staff across the whole school have achieved and also looking forward to exciting times ahead. First, however, we all need a rest!

We have continued to provide some top experiences for students in school, in addition to our full curriculum. As far as we were able under the restrictions, we brought back clubs and visits this term. These included Year 7 STEM club and Back in Black jazz band rehearsals; a visiting West End director’s music workshops; a brilliant range of summer sports; and university, careers and apprenticeships support.

We have connected our students to experts around the world using Zoom and Teams: we hosted a fun Q&A with England Rugby players and a chance to debate with a professor of History at a top US university. Meanwhile, a group of Sixth Form students have been invited to participate in a prestigious international programme with a sustainability organisation called Voiz, contributing to an online resource of product reviews.  

Our school is expanding and the construction and refurbishment work to create new science laboratories, gymnasium, reception area, library and 10-classroom English department continues. I am delighted by the development and the facilities that we are adding. Within the next six months, as the work is completed, we know that we will enhance the experience of all our children; provide a welcoming place for visitors from our community and create an inspiring and spacious environment in which to teach and learn.

To those children and families joining us in Year 7, please visit our website to see videos and welcome messages from tutors and fellow pupils. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Will Morgan


Cubs Summer Term Review

Cubs returned to face to face meetings shortly after and soon got busy with some new activities.

We built rockets from pop bottles and sticks, although it was a few weeks before the weather allowed us to send them skywards, powered by vinegar and baking powder. The bank holidays in May saw us striking out across the local fields to visit and find out about our nearby churches as part of the hikes away badge. The cubs all did very well and there was barely a complaint to be heard – especially when the sun came out and there was the prospect of an ice cream at the Greystones café.

Throughout the term the cubs all learned to tie a clove hitch, square lashing and a reef knot. These were put to good use as they built rafts, with which we entertained locals and tourists alike by holding a series of races along the Windrush. All of the rafts held together and floated, which was mightily impressive. None of the cubs sank, which was a big relief.

By the time you read this, the cubs will have ended the term by rescuing injured spies from occupied France in 1944. This is a test of the map reading, first aid skills and problem solving skills, living The Scouting Associations mission of teaching our young people ‘skills for life’, giving them the confidence to learn, develop and the knowledge that they can tackle unusual situations whilst seeing the rewards of both individual effort and team work.

If you would like to be part of this energetic group of young people (and slightly older leaders), either as a cub or part of the volunteer team that gives them the opportunity to learn and develop, please contact Nick Hawke at

Nick Hawke


You may have seen some recent social media posts from Headspace and wondered what it’s all about. I’d like to introduce you to this new, local charity myself and a team of lovely people have set up to support local young people who are struggling with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

What is Headspace? Headspace offers counselling to local young people as well as therapeutic activities which promote emotional wellbeing. We’re seeking to TRIPLE this provision in 2021 and we have ambitious targets for the next 5 years. 75% of mental health issues begin in adolescence. Every year over 200 school aged children die by suicide.

There is an overwhelming need for the services we offer in this local area and this has been increased by the pandemic. Youth mental health services in Gloucestershire simply can’t cope with the demand and young people are waiting up to a year to get the help they need. Even then, to be referred they will have reached a crisis point – attempting or thinking about taking their own life or self-harming. We’re here to work proactively to support young people to access the help they need before then giving them the tools they need to cope with what life throws at them.   We need your support to raise money to triple our provision, but we also need volunteer youth workers, fundraisers and help with the awareness of our brand. You can find out more or get involved by contacting me directly at Your support is very much appreciated.

Kathryn Pulham, Chair of Trustees

Headspace Charity No. 1189822


It started on 24th March 2020 with the Covid-19 lockdown when my Grandfather could no longer go to the Gym for physical exercise. He started walking around his garden with a target of 100 days non-stop and after achieving this decided to go on to do 365 days to maintain his physical and mental well being by regular exercise.

On 13th October he had to stop as the garden was getting boggy from walking around it and the pavements were icy with the winter weather and had became a hazardous. Everyone was concerned that he might fall over.

As I am a Personal Trainer I managed to source a static exercise bike for him that was safe and sturdy with supports on the sides and handlebars with a pulse metre. He could now carry on inside a warm and safe environment.

At 86, he has had two knee replacements, screws in his left foot, a dislocated 90 degree right leg before his knee joints were replaced and was in the Army Physical Training Corps for 21 years, the Territorial Army for 25 years and still has not stopped. As the saying goes ‘ Do not stop otherwise you will lose it’

At the end of March 2021 he will have achieved 100 days on the bike in addition to the 100 laps of his garden and also he’s doing additional chair exercises and so will have undertaken a ‘Triple Lockdown Exercise Regime’. He has been doing this for his own well being but to motivate other OAP’s to get out of their chairs and do some active exercise to maintain their well being both mentally and physical. 

If you would like to give a donation to Bourton’s  local charities via his JustGiving page, to promote the well being of the elderly please visit:

Charlie Griffin

A year of support from our community

By Will Morgan, Principal

Although we have not been able to hold events for the last year, which bring people together and raise funds for our school, I have often been reminded of the generous and considerate nature of our local community.

Before Christmas, over £600 was raised by our PTA and Cotswold Radio during a quiz, which has helped to fund a new canopy for a social and dining space at our school. Students will see this when they return after the lockdown. People also donated laptops to ensure that every child has had the technology to access home learning.

In January, we asked parents and carers if they would like to contribute to a fund to support NHS workers. Within a fortnight, donations from our school parents and carers reached an incredible £1,240.

The idea came from one of our school families, who wanted to give NHS staff a treat to show that people appreciate them, during some of the most critical weeks of the pandemic. The money provided bags of treats (as displayed by Cotswold School student Poppy, pictured) and lots of healthy ready-meals, made by The Long Table, a social-enterprise in Stroud.

Our latest fund-raising project is an Easter Marathon Challenge. This is an optional goal to help staff and students focus on their wellbeing by getting exercise and fresh air. Participants are aiming to clock up the 26.2 miles of a marathon by walking or running over the Easter fortnight.

One way to support us is to visit our website – – and click on the ‘donate’ button on our homepage. Money raised helps to support the positive mental health of our students, working closely with local youth charity Headspace.

4 Shires Swimming Club

4 Shires Swimming Club are waiting Swim England’s advice of when training and competitions will start again following restrictions imposed through Covid-19.  This has been a difficult time for our coaching teams to help maintain swimming squad fitness levels. Most of the swimmers attend daily workout sessions via Zoom which has shown how technology can help maintain team spirit and camaraderie.  Well done to all that have attended.

We are also pleased to announce our Swimmer Of The Year, this year it has deservedly been awarded to Immy Lawrence. Immy’s hard work and perseverance has paid off with many great swims throughout the year. We also highlight our most improved swimmers throughout the 2019/2020 year, this year the most improved girl was Annabel Barnard and most improved boy, Max Hayman. Well done all for your excellent work and look forward to seeing you flourish throughout next year.

It is also that time to select next years club and vice captains.  The Girls captain will be Charlotte Oliver with vice captain Emma Andrews.  The boys captain is Aaron Hamilton, with Ben Warner vice captain.

Congratulations to all the swimmers for their hard work throughout the year and for maintaining fitness levels during covid-19 and we look forward to seeing you back once the government guidelines permit. We also look forward to welcoming new swimmers into the 4 Shires Swimming Club.  Please find our contact details at

Richard Warner

Cotswold School


By Will Morgan, Principal

I hope you are all enjoying a rest and the chance to get away from your desks over the summer holidays.

The end of our school year looked quite different from usual, but we recognised the effort and achievements of our whole school community, nevertheless.

During ‘enrichment fortnight’, we conducted a virtual House sports day. Poseidon was the top scoring House with 1067 points. Notable effort came from Leandros (Year 7), Cally (Year 8), Toby (Year 9) and Jacob in Year 10, who clocked up 98, 80, 109 and 72 points respectively for their Houses.

Students from all year groups took part in our virtual Cadence festival, organised by Miss Thomas. This year, unable to hold this popular event live, we shared a video medley of student performances, which shows how strong our students’ focus and sense of community has remained.

Musical output was complemented by virtual exhibitions by Years 7, 8 and 9, who responded to events during the lockdown crisis with thoughtful and expressive works of art.

If you’re keen on exercise, why not join The Cotswold School Cycling Club? It’s an online group, which you can find on the free app ‘Love to Ride’ and log your miles each time you go for a bike ride.

A reminder that our new Year 7s only start on 2nd September; the whole school returns on 3rd September. More information is on our website in our ‘Welcome’ section. Do check our website for news and updates

Finally, I wish you a happy and relaxed summer. I’m looking forward to seeing all of our students next term at The Cotswold School.

Bourton Tennis Club

If you’ve been walking past the tennis courts recently you may have seen the members enjoying a game in the (sometimes) good weather! We are really back into the swing of things with club competitions underway and a new singles box league. Lots of social tennis too so if anyone is thinking to take up tennis or wants to get back into the game please do visit our website for more information and join us on court.

Juniors will benefit from some extra coaching being held during the summer holidays by coach, James Hilltout. And it will be handy for them to get in as much practice as possible with the Junior Club Championship scheduled for September this year! We have a growing junior section so if you have children or teenagers interested in the game then please do contact us.

Please visit our website at for more information and to download a membership form.

See you on court!

Alex Peyton

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